Nestled in the woodlands of rural Pennsylvania is the studio of Kathy Hebner,
and the behind scenes of “Just Me & My Dad.”  “Just Me & My Dad” originated
in 1990 as a father and daughter craft show business.  Kathy’s love of anything
old naturally led her long career in art to creating “Old Window & Door Art.”  
Kathy turns old salvaged items into treasures of art.  Her artwork can be
purchased on either a retail or wholesale level.

In addition to the artwork Kathy creates from salvaged finds, she offers a
“Hometown Series.”  She creates paintings of historic buildings and landmarks.  
Prints are available for purchase.  For a town she creates a series, normally
introducing a new one every 6 months, developing a collector’s series.  
Customers love the ability to collect and own pieces of history from where they
feel a sense of belonging. Retailers living among wonderful old structures
contract her to create their own “Hometown Series.”  Details are available on
the “Hometown Series” page in the website.

Another aspect of Kathy’s artwork is on a more personal level.  She offers
“Home Portraits” to clients wishing to have a custom painting completed of their
home.  This makes a wonderful heirloom gift of the family homestead, a terrific
house warming gift, or as a memento of a home occupied for many years that is
being left behind.

You can also find her artwork in gift shops from California to Maine.  She can
be contacted through email: